My experience with BFS was good. The staff was nice and the members get along and we got to learn many things about mental health and we learned about life skills but we didn't just learn about things we also had fun while learning everyone from BFS treats everyone like family cause that's what we are is family we did a lot of activities like going bowling  and going to the movies we had community outings that staff came up with it was always something new happening  with BFS I highly recommend BFS to anyone my personal opinion bfs is the best program there is cause me I love to learn about different things such a mental health disorders I even learned more about my diagnose things I didn't even know there is only a lot of words I can describe BFS awesome,  wonderful ,and helpful, joyful we also did a lot of art activities some of the members was really talented in art and music and the Benevolent Family Services is  the place to go if you need help or u know someone who needs help in managing their diagnoses and symptoms and need medication management.