Coping During COVID-19

The outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVD-19) may increase stress and anxiety among people. Fear about the disease can become overwhelming for adults and children. It can be challenging to navigate the different channels of information being spread, however, building certain skills can make you, your family, and your community stronger. Remember, everyone reacts differently to stress depending on the person's background and the community they are in.

1. Take breaks from reading, listening, and/or watching news stories. This includes social media.

2. To be informed, utilize valid and trustworthy sources like the CDC and your state's Department of Health websites.

3. Recognize the things you can control, like having good hygiene.

4. Practice good self-care. Make a list of activities you can do in your home, maintain a good sleep and meal schedule, try an exercise video or yoga video.

5. Follow up with your mental health professional.

6. Reach out to friends and family through video chats and phone calls.

7. Explore a hobby or interest you have been wanting to explore.