Frequently asked questions

What services does BFS provide?

BFS provides a scope of mental and behavioral health services that includes mental health skill building, intensive in-home, outpatient therapy and groups (anger management, social skills, parenting skills).

How can I pay for services? Do you accept insurance?

BFS accepts Medicaid for mental health skill building and intensive in-home services. We also accept a variety of insurances providers (Optima, Anthem Healthkeepers, Medicaid) for outpatient therapy and self-pay for outpatient therapy and groups. Other sources of funding include juvenile court and local children’s administration (CSA).

How do I qualify for services?

Outpatient therapy is an individual choice as people seek out help for a variety of reasons. Some people come due to longstanding mental health issues (depression, anxiety) or past trauma (history of abuse, victim of domestic violence. Others seek out therapy due to unexpected life stressors such as divorce, grief, work and family stress or having a child with a disability.

Mental health skill building and intensive in-home services require a history of mental health diagnosis and treatment. Please contact us at (757) 227-4644 for specific information regarding your eligibility for services.

What do I need to do to participate in services with BFS?

To access services offered by BFS, please contact us at (757) 227-4644 to complete a prescreening to determine your qualifications and needs for services. You will then be scheduled for an initial intake assessment to gather further information regarding your needs and desire for treatment.

What qualifications will my provider have?

All of our staff are Qualified Mental Health Professionals, meaning they have a bachelor’s degree and at least one year of experience in working with children or adults with mental health issues.

Our clinical team has a combined total of 35+ years of experience in mental health; including serious mental illness, child relational problems, trauma, and more. Our team is comprised of LCSW’s and LPC’s.

How often can I expect to see my provider?

Your insurance provider determines how often you will see a provider as mental health skill building, intensive in-home and outpatient therapy require preauthorization. Typically, for mental health skill building and intensive in-home services, you can expect to see your provider up to 3-4 days for 8-10 hours per week. Outpatient therapy is provided weekly or bi-weekly while support groups are offered weekly for 8-10 weeks.

What can I expect from services?

All services are client centered and strengths based which means that services are based on clients’ (and caregivers) feedback regarding challenges, needs and issues that require intervention while building on hidden or undiscovered internal strengths and skills.